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Our team of professionals are experts in fine commercial flooring and in providing outstanding customer service. Our team serves companies from Metro NY to Metro Miami.

See below for the representative that serves your area.

NJ & NY | Bristol, PA | Richmond, VA | Hanover, MD | Huntersville, NC |  Norcross, GA | Orlando, FL | West Palm Beach, FL

Long Island, NY

Keith Ospitale

Rose Mazur

Bristol, PA

Aaron Jones

April Doak

Cherilyn Herstein

Jim Smith

Dean Cavalier

Eric Saenz

Stephen Schaible

Margarita Marrero

Jack Seidman

Jay Burnside

Tim Cashman

Josh Kim

Krystal Moran

Larry Huber

Lesya Bezouglov

Marilyn Saenz

Hector Ginorio

Phyllis Napoli

Mary Bremme

Peter Dominick

Rest In Peace

11/12/1993 – 1/16/2020

Rick Seidman

Chris Mueller

Zac Hallman -

Zac Hallman

Ben Herstein

Ben Herstein

Piotr Neidzwiecki

Piotr Niedzwiecki


Brandon Seidman

Carlos Correa

Carlos Correa

Hanover, MD

Paul O’Brien

Rodney Barnes

Shaun Higgins

Vincent Carruth

Will Pittman

Jamie Frizzelle

Rolando Molina

Richmond, VA

Brian Posenau

Layne Cundiff

Ronald Harper

Caleb Brown

Huntersville, NC

Atwell Gray

Sean Lynch

Marie Bannister

Kelley Davis

Paul Schragel

Georgia & Alabama

Patrick Whaley

John Moses

Juan Longoria

Orlando, FL

Chris Jankowski

Gerald Grant

Gerald Grant

Orion Doll

Orion Doll

Angela Gibson

IMG_0974 (2)

Andrea Cullen

Todd Milroy -

Todd Milroy

Profilitec Specialist

Southeast USA

Edwin Lopez

Edwin Lopez


Rick Dawkins

Machinery Technician / Business Development

West Palm Beach, FL

John Yaker


Juan Perez

Cesar Kaufman

Rest In Peace

Michael Brown

Gustavo Linares

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